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DARCE Glass Cleaner is an all in one spray that easily eliminates stubborn dirt for a long lasting streak-free shine so you can save time cleaning and enjoy life.

• Long lasting Streak-free shine.

• Suitable to use on windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, acrylic, plastic and chrome.

• Mild and pleasant lavender fragrance.

• Easy to use.

• Good quality and value for money.


• Turn nozzle to the "spray" position.

• Spray directly onto the surface by pressing the sprayer.

• Wipe with a kitchen paper or soft dry cloth for a streak-free shiny result.

• After cleaning, turn the nozzle to the 'STOP' position and keep the bottle in vertical position.


• Do not use on wood surfaces with packaging. On surfaces other than glass, mirrors, tiles and chrome, test in areas that are less noticeable first.

• Do not use on wood or other varnish surfaces or on surfaces with gold layers.

• Do not mix with other household cleaners.

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